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IranBehdasht Company was founded in 1955, with the aim of providing medical supplies to the country through the import of cardiovascular equipment. Later, due to the needs of health domains and therapeutic fields, more medical equipment such as cardiac monitoring devices, diabetes control equipment, surgical instruments for Neurosurgery and ENT, one after the other, were placed in the sales package of IranBehdasht Company.

With regard to its merit and competitive advantage, Iran Behdasht has been successful in obtaining a sales agency of an Irish American company, Medtronic, one of the largest, most reputable medical equipment manufacturers in the world.

Other partners and associates are the American Welch allyn Company, Miethke Company, Unomedical Company and EPMap System Company, with the latest technologies in manufacturing medical equipment.

IranBehdasht Company, having obtained certificates of quality management system ISO 9001(2015), ISO 10002(2014), ISO 10015(1999) and its establishment, has always tried to make use of new management systems in providing its services to customers and to take steps towards continuous improvement.

Close collaboration with physicians in medical centers and medical universities in Iran and abroad, holding conferences and congresses, presenting scientific articles and holding educational workshops, are services that the company has seen them as part of its social responsibility.

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