Company Profile

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Company Profile

IranBehdasht is a medical products company established in 1955 based in Tehran, Iran. The initial founders were M.A Frank Hariri and Enayat Malakouti who started the business based on equipping the hospitals. Now, we are importing, distributing medical supplies and providing after sales services.

Board of Directors

  • Abbas Malakouti, Chairman, and member of the board. BS, Industrial Technology, University of California joined IranBehdasht in 1972.
  • Reza Frank Hariri, Managing Director and member of the board, studied Business at Crawley College of Technology in UK, joined IranBehdasht in 1976.
  • Asemaneh Frank Hariri, member of the board, Biomedical Engineer, joined IranBehdasht in 2014.
  • Arya Malakouti, member of the board, studied Business at University of California joined IranBehdasht in 2016.


We are creating an inclusive environment that empowers all our trained and educated 80 employees to achieve their highest potential. The number is expected to increase shortly.

At IranBehdasht, we are proud that products we provide help people live longer and better day after day. We believe medical equipment providers have the responsibility to deliver the highest quality products, while adhering to the highest ethical standards.

Iranbehdasht product range provides the following capabilities

Medtronic; Coronary, CRHF, Structural Heart Disease, Diabetes

Welch allyn; ECG Holter Monitoring, Cardiac Stress Testing, Resting ECG, Patient Monitoring, Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring, Data Management & HER Connectivity.

EP Map System; EP Perfect Recording/ Navigation System.

Miethke Co Hydrocephalus Shunt System


Certificates and awards

following are some of the awards and recognition we received:

AGS; ISO10002; 2014

AGS; ISO10015; 1999

AGS; ISO9001; 2015

Bronze Award: Training Management, 2014

Silver Award: Quality Management, 2014

Silver Award: Customer Satisfaction Management, 2014

Mission statement

We also live by strong values:

We commit to the highest standards in ethical behavior with our clientele, co-workers, our suppliers, as well as with healthcare, financial and regulatory institutions.

We commit to understanding, anticipating and meeting the needs of clients and patients.

We seek to create new sources of value for customers and patients by constantly delivering innovative products and services.

We commit to the highest quality and operational-excellence standards.

We treat patients, customers, employees, suppliers and members of our communities with the utmost respect at all times.

We aim for sustainable growth based on our philosophy of “placing our clients at the heart of everything we do.”